Ready Set Go


We Prepare Students for Careers as Electronics Engineering Professionals and for Advanced Studies

The Department and Goals

The Electronics Department in our institution serves as a source of knowledge and expertise in Electronics Engineering. .We provide quality for producing innovative and ethically driven technicians dealing with a globally competitive environment .The students are trained to at least one skill in addition to their regular academics. These skills are identified as both technical and non technical.


To offer quality and value-based education in the field of electronics and develop skilled human resources for the upliftment of industry and society.


M1. To develop technical skills in electronics field to meet the emerging needs of industry and society.
M2. To provide the right platform to achieve the life long learning for individuals.
M3. To provide entrepreneurship skills, ethical values and leadership qualities for thedevelopment of individuals.

Program Eductional Objectives(PEO)

1.Develop strong fundamental knowledge that prepares them for professional carriers/hingher studies with attitude for life long learning.
2. Instill the attitude to be sensitive to ethical, societal and environmental issues while pursuing their professional duties.
3. Possess leadership qualities and be effective communicator to work efficiently with diverse teams, promote and practice appropriate ethical practices.

Head of Department In-charge