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About The Department

The General Department, often referred to as the Basic Science Department, is comprised of a dedicated team of eight staff members. Within its diverse curriculum, the department offers a range of courses, including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Physical education. These courses not only provide students with a comprehensive education but also contribute to their foundational knowledge in the fundamental sciences and language skills. With its team of skilled educators, the General Department plays a vital role in shaping the academic growth and development of students in these essential disciplines.


To be an institution par excellence in technical education, striving for the upliftment of society and sustainable environment.


M1.To impart quality engineering education through state of the art methodologies and infrastructure.
M2.To equip students with appropriate technical competency, professional ethics and relevant social values for leading a meaningful career.
M3.To foster sustainable environment through various rural development initiatives.

Dr.Sajeev S Nair
Head of Department