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We Prepare Students for Careers as Hardware Professionals and for Advanced Studies

About The Department

The Department of Computer Hardware Engineering, one of the oldest Departments established in 1999 at GPTC Chelakkara. The Dept. is working towards the aim of moulding the future generation so that they can fullfill the upcoming needs of technology and provide better service to society. The Department offers a 3-year Diploma program in Computer Hardware Engineering. The program focuses on computer Hardware in depth as well as networking and embedded application development. Most of the students passed out are well placed or have opted for higher studies.


To mould highly potent and socially committed computer professionals to meet the emerging needs of contemporary society and sustainable environment.


M1. To instill latest trends in the field of computer hardware and software through the state of the art education tools and methods.
M2. To produce capable citizens with an awareness of the need of their milieu.
M3. To nurture students into being successful and inculcate in them the need to give back to their society that foster their growth.

Programme Outline

The curriculum focusin on the following areas,

• Design of computers
• Operating system and other system software design and case studies
• Microprocessors and micro controllers
• Data communication and computer networks
• Programming in various languages like C, C++, python, java etc.
• Design of application software using various languages and packages
• Web design and development
• Computer hardware and networking
• Database Management Systems
• Software Architecture and Documentation
• Android Appliction design and Development etc..
Along with the above areas the curriculum also focuses on the personal and professional growth of students by providing the courses like, • Health and physical education
• Life skills
• Environmental science and disaster management
• Management skills etc..

The following are the labs and facilities provided in the Department

Software Lab

Software lab is well-equipped with more than 60 computers altogether with latest computer software. The Laboratories are installed with high speed broad-band internet facility and technical support for delivering smart classes. Students can make use of available facilities for implementing their logics through different software programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, MySQL and Embedded programming’s like Micro controllers and micro processors .

Hardware lab

The hardware lab is well equipped with components and accessories for conducting Computer Hardware experiments. The students are getting experienced with assembling, servicing, troubleshooting and maintenance of computers and laptops.

Networking Lab

The networking lab is fully functional with the complete requirements of networking and administration. In this lab students are getting experienced with different components and equipments like Router,Switch,Hub,etc. They are also getting introduced to assembling, installation of networking components, and system administration.

Head of Department (In-Charge)